Thaís Maya, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, is a film, television and theater actress.

With her positive, enthusiastic and determined personality, Thaís Maya is unstoppable!

She’s been growing as a full time actress, model and influencer. Speaking fluent Portuguese, Spanish, English (a bit of Hebrew too!) and have studied in prestigious acting schools such as Stella Adler Studio (USA), NIDA (Australia), Wolf Maya and Beto Silveira (Brazil), Thais Maya is one of a kind.

Thais loves TV Series and watches a movie every single day (she won’t watch one in case she’s working or maybe jamming with her guitar among friends). Yes, she plays guitar too as she learned with her dad when she was just a teenager. She’s also very active in social media (she knows how to be social, that’s for sure!).

Her acting career started when she was 4 years old, she had her first role in a theater play and it was there that she found out she was born to be an artist, often saying to her parents that she wanted to be like “those actresses in the movies”. After that, she moved to a small city (Araras) because of her mother’s work. There, Thais went to theater school, performed in various roles and eventually started to work as a commercial model at the age 14.

As part of her ongoing studies she was tested at age 15 to gain entry and study Geomatic Engineering and after successfully passing, she eventually became a Geomatic technician; from an early age, technology was something she always enjoyed. At age 18 she decided to move back to Sao Paulo where she began work as a Geomatic technician and invested her spare time on acting, completing her studies in two of the most prestigious acting schools in Brazil, “Studio Beto Silveira” and “Wolf Maya”, eventually becoming a professional actress dedicating all her time to her “true” passion. After working in a few plays, short films and being part of TV commercials, she moved to Australia to experience a foreign country. In Sydney, she attended NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). Ready to take her career to the next step, she went to California, USA, and started to focus on cinema.

In the past few years, due to the caring and passing of her beloved and inspiring mother, she took the time to stay closer to her family;

Now stronger than ever, Thais Maya continues to be very successful in her career, taking on new acting and modelling jobs, becoming the dream she’s always had.